Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Monitor

10. Monitor
See how you are doing. You can slowly go downhill so slowly that my may not even notice. I find that as I become more and more stressed, I lose the ability to think clearly and make good health decisions. Monitoring how I am doing helps

Adrenal Recovery: Nutrition

It is usually best to get as much of your nutrients from whole foods instead of supplements. Your body will absorb them better.

(I would talk to your doctor about taking extra vitamins, minerals or herbs. My doctor has me on an excellent muli-vitamin to help me rebuild)

These are some nutrients which are often recommended

Adrenal Recovery: DIET BASICS

8. Diet BASICS
What to Eat
Eat a healthy, low sugar, complex carbohydrates, low fat diet (cold pressed oils and nuts, seeds, avocado, and olives are good) with plenty fresh fruits and vegetables (at least five 1/2 cup servings per day) and moderate amounts of protein (eat balanced meals and snacks)

Adrenal Recovery: How to Exercise

7. Exercise HOW TO DO IT
Exercise should be:
moderate not excessive
avoid vigorous exercise - it give a temporary boost which momentarily helps you to feel better but in the long run will further exhaust your limited reserves
you may need to

Adrenal Recovery: Exercise Basics

6. Exercise BASICS
Exercise can help normalize levels of cortisol and aldosterone, two major adrenal hormones. It can also help stabilize insulin, blood glucose, thyroid and other hormones, gives

Adrenal Recovery: Things To Avoid

5. Some things to try and Avoid
Avoiding these things as much a possible will lessen the stress on your body and speed your healing:

Adrenal Recovery: Nurture Yourself Physically

4. Nurture Yourself Physically
eliminate or reduce anything which stresses your body
do things which build up your body; Here are some suggestions:

Adrenal Recovery: Get Adequate Rest

3. Get Adequate Rest
get plenty of rest

sleep in til 9am if possible (get plenty of sleep at night)

rest when

Adrenal Recovery: Plenty of Time for Relaxation

2. Adrenal Recovery: Allow Plenty of time for Relaxation
take time to just relax each day
Here are some other suggestions:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Positive Attitude

1. Positive Attitude
A positive attitude will help you heal faster. I view my health problems as opportunities for me to learn and grow. I know they have helped my husband and I to grow closer to each other. They have made me slow down and given me the time my develop talents. Here are some suggestions: 

Adrenal Recovery: Basics

RECOVERY from low adrenal function : BASICS
Also known as adrenal hypo function, adrenal exhaustion, adrenal burnout, or adrenal insufficiency

Basically you need to

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Low Adrenal Function Symptoms

The adrenal glands produce many hormones which regulate the endocrine system (Pituitary Gland, Thyroid Glands, Parathyroid Glands, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenal Glands, Gonads)
If the adrenal glands are not functioning well,

Why I started this Blog

After collapsing twice last month, I decided that it was time that I made some changes. As a person with Addison’s disease, my adrenal glands no longer produce cortisol, and I am completely dependent on taking hydrocortisone to keep me alive. After many years of slowly deteriorating health,