Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Plenty of Time for Relaxation

2. Adrenal Recovery: Allow Plenty of time for Relaxation
take time to just relax each day
Here are some other suggestions:

meditate and breathe deeply

don’t push, have plenty of unscheduled time

do things you enjoy each day - read, relax in a warm bath, take a walk, garden etc.

eliminate energy drains - simplify your home and life

minimize stress - physical, emotional, or spiritual

avoid a fast paced life

avoid over-working

don’t rush - as you begin to feel better you might be tempted to start taking on more responsibilities before you are really able to handle them; if you feel worse after doing something - it was too much; cut back down; increase activity by small increments; start with small things where you can stop or come home immediately

avoid negative people, but do not totally withdraw from people

stay involved; it will help to keep you more positive and happy;
just focusing on your troubles can make them seem bigger;
serving others will help to keep you from worrying excessively about yourself (be realistic though on what you can to do to help others)

avoid worrying and focusing on fears - if you can do something to solve the problem- do it; if not- try to exercise faith and not think about it (I know this is easy to say but hard to do! As a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) I believe that God guides our lives and it is a great source of comfort and strength to me.)

Make your life as simple as possible - it will help your body recover quicker; remember you are already heavily stressed; your body is worn down and needs as little stress of any type as possible so it can recover;

Eliminate all that is possible.

Delegate all you can.

Set priorities.

Write down what you want to do. (I enjoy using small post-it notes; long lists make me feel overwhelmed) When you are tired and stressed you will not remember things well.
Try and be realistic about what you can accomplish. Just dragging yourself around is not good enough. You need to not feel tired while you are doing the activity or afterward. If you do not, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Pushing yourself will only prolong your recovery time.

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