Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Get Adequate Rest

3. Get Adequate Rest
get plenty of rest

sleep in til 9am if possible (get plenty of sleep at night)

rest when
tired, nap
lie down for a rest in the morning and afternoon - do not nap for long since if may make if more difficult to sleep at night (20 to 30 min. is about right)
Occasionally you will need extra rest; if you are feeling more tired that day; rest as much as possible

be in bed by 10:30pm
it will help to get to sleep if you do not become over tired: other hints to sleep better: taking calcium, low light, cool bedroom, a consistent time and routine, soothing music, a warm bath (my favorite), relaxing your mind, avoiding watching, reading, or thinking about anything stressful before bed; and deep slow abdominal breathing (when get in bed),

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