Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Monitor

10. Monitor
See how you are doing. You can slowly go downhill so slowly that my may not even notice. I find that as I become more and more stressed, I lose the ability to think clearly and make good health decisions. Monitoring how I am doing helps
me to stay aware of which way I am headed.
(most any large drug store has good monitors. I find it is a big help to have some numbers to help me know how I am doing especially when I’m not feeling well and not thinking very well.)

Temperature - if your daily temperature average (of three spaced readings) is lower (normal oral temperature is 97 to 99 with 98.6 F the most common; it will be lower in the morning and higher after exercise; taken under the arm it is 1.0 degree lower and rectal is 1.0 degree higher; less than 97 indicates low adrenal function)

Blood Sugar - if your blood sugar is low (normal blood sugar is 70 to 126 mg/dl; it should raise 20 to 30 mg/dl after meals and drop 20 to 30 mg/dl a couple of hours after eating; most of the time it should be around 80 mg/dl)

Blood Pressure - if you feel lightheaded and/or dizzy when stand (can also be if just sitting still) your blood pressure may be low (the range of normal blood pressure is 110/70 to 140/90 with a pulse of 65 to 80 at rest; 100/60 or less indicates low adrenal function) ; blood pressure is very responsive to low adrenal function and a good indicator of when you may need to rest or take more medication if you are taking cortisone
(if you are taking cortisone and your blood pressure goes up, you need to cut your dose down)

Weight - slow weight gains and difficulty losing weight may indicate that your metabolism is slowing due to low adrenal function
sudden loss of weight indicates adrenal glands may be failing and you need to take cortisol medication
weight loss if you have been vomiting, may mean that you are becoming dehydrated and need more water

You may need extra salt and fluid for even minor illnesses and extra cortisone if you are on cortisone medication.

If you are experiencing :
severe nausea
severe headaches
severe weakness
severe low temperature
severe low blood sugar
severe low blood pressure

you will need rest and to take cortisone
to avoid going into shock.

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