Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Nurture Yourself Physically

4. Nurture Yourself Physically
eliminate or reduce anything which stresses your body
do things which build up your body; Here are some suggestions:

wear comfortable clothes and shoes- cotton is less stressful for many people; avoid tight or restricting clothes
new cloths may have a coating of several toxic chemicals - wash before wearing with white vinegar (about 1 cup per item)

get outside and breathe fresh air daily
spend some time in the sun each day if possible - just 15 min a day will give you adequate vitamin D

ventilate your home; some plants such as the spider plant help remove toxins from the air; I had to get rid of my plants though due to allergies to dusts and molds

drink filtered water and use a filter on your tub or shower to eliminate chlorine; I even have a filter on my tub so I can enjoy a soak without getting sick from the chlorine gases; since chlorine drys out skin it also helps my skin feel better and not as dry and itchy; I’m unable to be in pools because of the chlorine especially indoor pools ( if you can be in pools, be sure to wash off the chlorine afterward)

saunas will greatly speed up recovery ; the best type is an infared electric light sauna; use the sauna daily for no more than 30 minutes; it will help with detoxification

have comfortable furniture - it will need to be soft to cushion your achy muscles and joints, but also give firm support; I sleep best on a wave-less waterbed, have a good recliner, and use a cushioned office chair at the computer and table

try to stand up straight - slumping will tire you more; I use lumber supports in my chair and car

to aid your lymphatic system- massage is good and gentle jumping such as on a small trampoline

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