Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Positive Attitude

1. Positive Attitude
A positive attitude will help you heal faster. I view my health problems as opportunities for me to learn and grow. I know they have helped my husband and I to grow closer to each other. They have made me slow down and given me the time my develop talents. Here are some suggestions: 


take control of your life

faith, eternal perspective, nurture your spirit

keep a journal (especially notice all the good things you have)

try meditation and visualization exercises

inspirational books and tapes may help your outlook and lessen your stress

serve others as your health will allow
doing things to help others will energize you and keep you from becoming depressed; you need to keep involved with others and not turn into yourself; you may be tired but you still have plenty you can do to help others; (I like to send encouraging emails and notes to people)

Remember by doing less you can accomplish more; you will be less tired and think better, be better able to relate to others; may be more creative and productive; you are not “just being lazy”

do something fun each day


Have a support network
allow others to help you and graciously accept their support

avoid people or situations which drain you

be assertive about your limitations

don’t try to keep up with a healthy partner or friends; accept that you are ill and have limits; listen to your body and don’t push yourself to do what you feel you “should” do
keep your focus on positive things (I play upbeat music, have beautiful things around me; read funny books, and enjoy old comedies and musicals)

Forgive others and yourself; anger and other negative emotions drain your adrenal reserves and slow your healing

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