Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adrenal Recovery: Things To Avoid

5. Some things to try and Avoid
Avoiding these things as much a possible will lessen the stress on your body and speed your healing:

avoid tiring noise

avoid excessive stimulation - strong negative emotions, loud music, suspenseful, horror, violent, sexual entertainment; extremely vigorous exercise, wild rides, and any other trills

avoid stimulants which can damage the adrenal glands and only give temporary energy
the most common are caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, chocolate
also drugs can be stimulants

take care for some over-the-counter and prescribed medications may also add to the body’s toxic load
avoid all unnecessary drugs including alcohol and tobacco; they will make fatigue worse (smoking inhibits the delivery of oxygen to tissues)
avoid electromagnetic pollution (strong electrical fields) as much as possible :cell phones, microwave towers, televisions, microwave ovens, computers, power stations
(these fields lessen with distance - 6' from TV; 3' from computer and the magnetic field will be minimal)

only use cell phones when absolutely needed

do not sleep by appliances
avoid latex (do not have elastic touch your skin; get latex free sports equipment and latex free blood pressure monitor etc.)
avoid plastic containers, plastic non-stick finishes on cookware, and plastic wrap (source of estrogenic hormones); I use plain glass (not lead glass crystal) plates and bowls; cook food in the microwave in pyrex glass; and store food in glass containers (I use half pint canning freezer jars); food cans are usually coated with a plastic finish so either buy frozen food or cans that are BPA free)

Avoid halogen elements - fluorine, chlorine, bromine interferes with thyroid metabolism since they compete with iodine for receptor sites on the cells
avoid fluorine in toothpaste
avoid chlorine in cleaning products
only use filtered water

avoid ingesting aluminum - cooking in aluminum pans, on aluminum foil, use a baking soda such as Rumford’s which is aluminum free, use a salt which does not have aluminum in it to stop caking

avoid exposure toxic metals and chemicals - eating, breathing, or skin contact; esp mercury (silver dental fillings can be a source of mercury)
cadmium (used in phosphate fertilizers, NiCd batteries, plating, pigments and plastics)
lead ( old paints; old lead pipes; some glazes on dishes, Electronics with Lead Solder; soldering; Making Stained Glass and Painting on Stained Glass; shooting guns; lead game pieces)

avoid particle board and MDF board contains formaldehyde - solid wood items are usually better

avoid or air out before using new carpets (many carpet stores will do this for you) since they contain formaldehyde and other chemicals
avoid chemical air fresheners or cleaners; many are toxic

avoid cleaning products which are toxic (I just use a gentle soap and water and for disinfecting I use either hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, or salt)
avoid paints with VOCs (there are many paints that are now VOC free; look for ones that also have no VOC in their pigments)

replace chemical hair dyes, shampoos and toxic skin care products with more gentle, organic products (health food stores are a good place to find them)

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