Monday, October 1, 2012

Questions to Ask to Avoid Becoming Exhausted

(Signs I'm becoming more Stressed)

Am I becoming more tired?
Do I keep looking at the clock and wondering when the day will end?
Have I quit looking forward to doing things?
Am I enjoying doing things, or am I just trying to get through the day?

Have I quite laughing?
Am I always serious?
Am I depressed?
Do I feel edgy and have trouble relaxing?

Do the stairs seem twice as long?
Am I becoming out of breath easily?
Do I just want to sit and never move?

Am I having more head aches?
Are they becoming more severe?
Is it a sharp pain in the middle of my forehead?
Am I waking up at night with headaches?
Am I having neuralgia pain (nerve pain)?

Am I having trouble sleeping?
Do I have trouble getting to sleep?
Am I achy at night and toss and turn?
Do I have trouble getting back to sleep?
Am I waking up with panic attacks?
Do I feel like I am not getting enough air?
Do I feel anxious?
Am I sleepy in the late afternoon?
Do I feel best right after dinner?
Do I doze a lot in the evenings?
At bedtime do I have trouble getting to sleep and am I then awake for a couple of hours?
Am I keyed up at night and have trouble relaxing?

Have I lost my appetite?
Do I feel nauseous?
Do I have heartburn or lots of burping?
Is it getting hard to get down food?
Do I need to eat more often to feel better?
Do I crave sweets? (blood sugar dropping)
Do I feel more hungry?
Do I sometimes have no appetite?
Am I eating to keep up some energy?
Do I gag easily when eating or drinking?
Am I experiencing bloating, gas, diarrhea, or incontinence?
Do I just want to wear lose clothing? (nothing tight around my middle)

Does my chest feel tight?
Am I getting a cough?
Do my allergies seem worse?
Do perfumes and chemicals seem to smell stronger?
Am I getting headaches around perfumes?
Does print and inks give me a headache and cause my sinuses to burn?
Do I have a sore throat?
Are the glands in my neck swollen (lymph nodes)?
Are my eyes crusty and my nose stuffy in the mornings?
Am I getting sick more often?
Is it taking longer and longer to recover from illness?

Am I getting sleepy and dopey when I go out places?
Do I fall asleep often when I’m out?
Is it talking longer to feel ok after I go out?
Am I very tired the next day?

Do I feel more achy and stiff?
Is it hard to make a fist? (slow movement and stiff)
Is my neck, shoulders and back cramping?
Am I having more leg cramps and jumpiness?
Is my abdomen cramping when I move much?
Do I have pain in my mid back?
Do I have pain in the middle of my chest?
Am I shaky?
Do I lose my grip?
Am I dropping and breaking things?
Am I weak and have trouble lifting things?

Is my blood pressure going up a little?
If my pulse racing?
Am I getting dizzy when I stand, or after I eat or exercise?
Do I feel dizzy even if I am sitting still?
Are my fingers turning purple?
Is my blood pressure dropping?
Am I constantly thirsty?
Is my mouth dry?
Do I crave salt?
Am I retaining a lot of water?
Are my legs, abdomen, and hands swelling?
Do my feet and legs ache?
Is my face becoming puffy, especially under my eyes?
Do I have dark circles under my eyes?
Am I suddenly putting on weight?

Is my face a deep pink?
At times am I very pale?
Am I suddenly becoming very hot, especially my face?
Do I suddenly drip with sweat?
Do I wake up in the middle of the night hot?
Am I very cold in the mornings?
Do I have trouble getting warm?
Do I have cold icy feet?

Am I having more trouble getting going in the mornings?
Do I find that there are many “holes” in my day (time I just don’t remember)?
Am I not getting much done in a day and don’t know why?
Do I forget what I am doing?
Do I have to reread and reread a sentence?
Do I have trouble following conversations and responding?
Do I tend to just agree because I don’t know what they are talking about?
Am I having more difficulty doing math, forms, and other details?
Am I always sleepy and tired?
Do I just don’t have any energy?
Do I have to remind myself to blink?
Do I just sit and stare a lot?
Do I feel like I’m carrying a huge weight around, or like I’m struggling to move  through molasses (slow sluggish)?
Am I having trouble managing my home? (forgetting, moving slowly, too tired)
Do I never feel rested?

Is the world looking grayish and like I’m looking in a tunnel?
Am I forgetting more?
Am I have more trouble thinking and confuse easily?

Do things upset me more easily?
Do I feel tearful?
Do I feel grouchy?
Does everyone seem irritating?
Does everyone and everything seem upsetting?

Do my eyes burn and feel dry?
Am I becoming more sensitive to light?
Can I focus in the mornings?
Do I have trouble focusing on smaller print?
Do my eyes fatigue easily?

Does looking at the computer screen hurt my eyes?
Do I feel pain when I move my eyes?

Am I unable to read?

Is my skin more dry and more itchy?
If I pinch my skin, does it stay pinched for a while?
If I press my skin with a fingernail, does the mark remain awhile?
Is my skin crepey?
(This means I’m getting dehydrated)
Are my nails more dry and brittle?
Are my gums becoming sore?

Am I losing my coordination?
Am I tripping more?
Am I wobbly and have trouble walking?
Do my hands shake some?
Am I getting a twitch by my eyes?
Do I start shaking even with a mild stress?
Does being near anything electromagnetic give me a headache?  (microwave, TV, computer, phone)

Do even small noises startle me?
Is even soft music tiring?
Does the ticking of a clock seem loud?
Do loud sounds make me feel nauseous?
Do I just want complete quiet?
Does riding in a car make me dizzy and nauseous?

Is it tiring just to try and talk with anyone?
Do I just want to be alone?
Am I missing taking my medication on time?
Have I quit setting goals?
Am I not thinking things out, prioritizing, or planning?
Am I just trying to get things done?
Am I not in charge of my own life?
Am I allowing others to think for me and trying to please them?
Am I unable to solve problems or make decisions?
Am I always worried if I will really be able to do something?
Have I quit doing things I enjoy?
Do I dwell on negative news and memories?
Am I too busy to enjoy nature - birds, sunsets, and sunshine?
Do I always feel pressured to get things done?
Do I have long to do lists and lots of notes around?
Do I just want to stop the merry-go-round and get off?
Does it feel like everything is coming at me too fast?
Do I never lie down to rest?
Do I not want to get up in the mornings?
Have I quit caring how I look or about keeping up the house?
Do I frequently feel that I just can’t handle life?
Do I long to just collapse so I can rest?
Do I just want to rest?


  1. Have you been tested for sleep apnea? I have been on bi-pap for 4 years and I love my machine. I never wake up gasping for air and I usually fall asleep very easily. But on the occasion that I feel jumpy or can't relax to fall asleep, then I know I need to check my blood sugar. If it's low, then I know I need to take a tiny dose of hydrocortisone. Yes, it may seem strange, to take hydro before going to bed, but if the cortisol is low (and usually low blood sugar is the sign), a tiny does of hydro will actually relax you and you can sleep well after that. If my blood sugar is high, I take a dose of my diabetes medication, the size of the dose depending on the glucometer result of course.

    If cortisol is too low at night, it is hard to fall asleep, it causes a jumpy feeling, caused by adrenaline being produced to compensate for the lack of cortisol.

  2. Yes, I think so too. I take some hydrocortisone before bed and a few hours later when I wake up in the middle of the night. It helps me sleep better. If I feel low, I also get a snack before bed for my blood sugar. If I keep my dose up then I sleep fairly well.

  3. Thank you! I was starting to think I was the only one with a problem regulating my body temperature. And whenever I exert myself in any way (shopping especially) I become overheated, I sweat so bad that you wring out my hair, and then I get the chills, because usually I am sweaty and wet.
    I've never tried taking Cortisol at night before, I am going to try that (I sleep poorly). And I am SO CLUMSY lately, losing my grip suddenly on everything (I need a sippy cup or even a bottle because I am constantly spilling everything I drink), It's super-frustrating and I am getting so tired of MYSELF.
    Sometimes it's easy to feel all alone when dealing with such a frustrating illness, it's good to feel validated at least, although it stinks for anyone that has this miserable disease. Thank you again. Take care.

  4. Hello I have had Addison's for the past two years. For the past few weeks I have become incredibly thirsty and have had a very dry mouth. When I searched the symptoms I came to your blog. Has this happened to you? What do you think triggered it and wheat did you do to help alleviate the problem? Thanks for any help.

  5. Does your doctor have you on Fludrocortisone? Most people with Addison's have to take it. It is one of the major adrenal hormones that we do not produce. Fludrocotisone replaces Aldosterone which we don't make. Aldosterone helps to regulate the salt and water balance in our bodies by retaining salt and water and excreting potassium. Extreme thirst is a major symptom of Addison's. I used to drink over a gallon of water a day and just felt more and more thirsty. I was also losing a lot of water. I was so thirsty!! Now I need a little more salt and water than most people, but it is pretty reasonable. Also, if your blood sugar is high it can make you thirsty. Your doctor can help you determine what is going on with a simple blood test, and then he can help you feel less thirsty. I just take 1 mg of Fludrocortisone in the morning (the usual dose and time to take it). Sounds like you are getting close to getting things under control.

  6. I've had Addison's for 28 year's. A year ago my doctor put me on Florinef (Fludrocortisone) along with my doses of hydrocortisone. I've been fighting him on taking the Florinef because i'm having so many side effects (none I haven't dealt with before, but seem to be getting worse). I can't stop gaining weight and feeling bloated and noticeably puffy in the face. My hands won't stop shaking and my chest feels like my heart is going to pop out. I'm sweating more than ever before, but I am starting menopause. I've changed a lot of my diet and do eat more fruits, veggies, and have cut out a lot of red meat. I find that I can't stop thinking about food and am never "full". Even with the Florinef, my salt cravings are more than ever. I've also become overly pale in skin color, even though I used to be very tan. My energy levels have increased since starting the medication but to the point where I don't stop for several days, then I crash hard. I need to find a better diet along with foods that help me get full or satisfy my cravings. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks