Thursday, June 26, 2014

Health Journal

Keeping a Health Journal has helped me feel more in control of my life; get feeling better sooner, and helps my doctor know what to suggest. Here are some ways it helps.
Monitoring Medication

My doctor suggested that I keep a health journal to help determine when I need extra medication. It has really helped me. Simply write down when you feel tired, anxious, or any other problem. Put in the date and time and any circumstances- what you have been doing, exposed to, eaten, emotional stress. See if there are any patterns and discuss your observations and questions with your doctor. This gives him more information to help you adjust your medication.

Identifying Chemicals that Make me Ill

I have been avoiding chemicals for several months and am feeling much better. I have a lot more energy now. I am also more even tempered. When I am around perfumes or other chemicals, I become very depressed. It takes a few days to feel better and about two weeks to feel like myself again. Though I'm not going IN anywhere, I'm thoroughly enjoying being OUTSIDE.The fewer stresses I have in my life, the better I feel. Keeping a journal has given me an understanding what is a stress to me. It really has helped me live a happier life.


  1. A man asked me if you would become a diabetic if you took hydrocortisone. My doctor explained it to me this way. He said that if you take took much hydrocortisone then you can become a diabetic. I also find that my blood pressure goes up. If you do not take enough hydrocortisone, then you will put stress on your body which is also dangerous. You can even go into shock and die if you become too low on cortisone. You need to seek your doctor's help to determine just the right amount of hydrocortisone that your body needs to function well.

  2. I think i need eye checkup after I read this article