Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm Doing Better!

I'm feeling better than I have in years. Why? I was in pretty sad shape last fall. What has changed this last year? A lot!

For one thing we got
the moldy paneling and drywall out of our old basement. That really helped! In fact it helped so much that my dose of hydrocortisone was now too high. My blood pressure and blood sugar started going up. I began cutting my dose. We even had hopes that my adrenal glands might have been being suppressed by mold toxins and that they would recover now that the mold was out of our home.

After a few months of adjusting medication, we learned that my adrenal glands were not recovering. I was disappointed, but now my dose of hydrocortisone was in the normal range. My blood pressure and blood sugar have stabilized. I am now doing well on half the hydrocortisone I needed last fall. That is a great improvement.

I had a few set backs. I got a violent stomach flu, pulled the tendon in my knee, and reacted to some chemicals. It wasn't fun, but I did learn some valuable lessons and gained confidence. I was afraid that I might die if I had an injury or a bad flu where I couldn't eat. I did fine.

I also cut down on the emotional stress in my life. We finally settled a difficult business relationship. I had no idea that it was so draining. I'm spending my time doing things I enjoy such as writing and enjoying nature. I take time to meditate and read. I find peace through prayer and studying the scriptures. I am grateful to have more energy, my mood is up, and I'm enjoying life.

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