Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Iodine and Low Thyroid

This same person also said, "I already use Sea Kelp which has helped with the thyroid symptoms immensely."  I have had low thyroid partly because I can not absorb many types of iodine. My doctor told me that the iodine in iodized salt is a type that is very stable and stores well, but many people can not absorb it. I couldn't. There are several other iodine compounds. You can be test to see if you absorb that type of compound. One of the best sources of iodine is Sea Kelp. Many people can absorb it well and their goiter goes away.


  1. Thanks for sharing the information - I found out about the kelp (iodine) from research on various sites, so it's good to get the message out there. I think iodine can be harmful for certain thyroid conditions and may aggravate them, so people need to be careful, in checking online depending on their type of illness, before taking a supplement. Personally, I think my problem was not absorbing iodine properly (as is yours), which came up in one of the thyroid tests I had - the doctor skipped over this in his telling me my results as he didn't see it as important that my body took a long time to take in the iodine but it struck a chord with me, so thought it was worth researching. Literally 3 weeks after starting to take the kelp supplements, I started to feel better. This was after 18 months of gradually worsening symptoms and fatigue that meant I was even taking naps in my car on my lunch break at work! I've been taking it ever since and have trialled stopping periodically but the tiredness comes back, so I'm sticking with it. Unfortunately, I believe there's various problems with my immune system, so other symptoms have developed over the years, which I'm currently starting to go back to visit the doctor with. So far, I've been fobbed off again with the standard blood tests (although they did a cortisol test at my request) but I think I'm going to persevere and I might even take some of your blog info with me to back me up.

  2. Thank you. Persevere. Don't give up! I sure learned that if I'm not feeling well, there is a reason. It may not be the obvious, typical problem, but there is a problem. Wishing you a good Christmas.