Monday, December 29, 2014

Feeling Anxious

A man asked me if I ever feel anxious. Here is my response to that question.

If I do not have enough cortisone "cover" I can become anxious. If I have over done it (more stress than medicine to handle it), then I will need a little more medication for a few days and I will need to eat more often. This helps me not to feel anxious.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Can Addison's Disease cause Hyperparathyroid?

Question: "I have read that Addisonians can have hypoparathyroid but not anything about hyperparathyroid. My levels have been high...10.8 for more than a year now and my parathyroid level was a little high as well. "

This person said she has Addison's disease and Graves disease (over production of thyroid hormones)

High calcium levels (hypercalcaemia) can cause hyperparathyroid (over production of parathyroid hormones).

When the adrenal glands do not work well and produce few adrenal hormones, it can cause hypoparathyroid (low parathyroid hormone production).

Your high levels are probably from the Graves disease. Few things are high with Addison's disease. I run on low.

You might want to discuss this with your doctor.

Addison's Disease and High Calcium Levels

A woman said to me,

"I am wondering if you are aware of high calcium levels associated with Addison's?"

Yes. Since the Adrenal glands are responsible for regulating the minerals in your blood, if the adrenal glands are not working well, your levels of minerals can be unbalanced. I am allergic to cow's milk, so I didn't absorb much calcium at all. Now I take three calcium citrate pills each day. I also take fludrocortisone which keeps my minerals in balance. This is how I avoid high calcium levels.