Monday, December 29, 2014

Feeling Anxious

A man asked me if I ever feel anxious. Here is my response to that question.

If I do not have enough cortisone "cover" I can become anxious. If I have over done it (more stress than medicine to handle it), then I will need a little more medication for a few days and I will need to eat more often. This helps me not to feel anxious.

One of the reasons I feel anxious is that my blood sugar will drop which causes anxiety. It can help to take a little extra hydocortisone about an hour before exercising. You may need to eat a high protein snack before and after exercising such as nuts. Some people need to have a snack before bed (small and high protein such as cheese and crackers) to help them get through the night. You might also need a snack late morning or mid afternoon (about three or four hours between eating).

My doctor suggested that I keep a health journal to help determine when I need extra medication. Write down when you feel anxious or any other problem. See if their are any patterns and discuss your observations and questions with your doctor. He should be able to help you. 

You can take a little extra hydrocortisone about an hour before the stress (if you have warning) and avoid the stressful feeling. I usually try food (balanced snacks- see Recovery diet info ) first. If eating does not help me feel better when I am anxious (you should feel less anxious within half an hour after eating), then I try a taking little more hydrocortisone. A feeling of anxiety is a warning that your body needs help. You may need to eat more (balanced, not high carbohydrate foods ) often and/or you may need more hydrocortisone. 

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