Sunday, January 25, 2015

Low Back Pain

I was asked if I get low back pain. Yes, sometimes.

When I get lower back pain I know that I am very worn down and need to increase my hydrocortisone or I will soon have an Addison's crisis.

Hot Sweats

I was asked if I ever get hot sweats. Yes!

I find that I have more hot sweats when my cortisone level is low. When I am well rested, have adrenal reserves built up, and am feeling relaxed, I only have a few a day. Mainly I get hot a little while after eating, when I'm very tired, and when I get under the covers in bed. Without the normal adrenal regulation, I have trouble regulating body temperature. The normal small rise in body temperature become a large rise for me. I dress in layers and adjust for my changing temperature which helps keep it more moderate.