Sunday, January 25, 2015

Low Back Pain

I was asked if I get low back pain. Yes, sometimes.

When I get lower back pain I know that I am very worn down and need to increase my hydrocortisone or I will soon have an Addison's crisis.


  1. Lower back pain has become a hot burning sensation & quite uncomfortable for sleep. I'm recently diagnosed with AI after recovery treatment for cushings. Thank you for sharing your experience & insight of the challenges AI brings. God bless you!
    Yvonne M. Fairfield, CT

  2. It takes a while for the hydrocortisone to restore balance. The back pain should diminish as your cortisone level rises to a more normal level. It also takes a lot of rest and relaxation for your body to heal. Will you always have Addison's?

    1. Yes I believe so. My dr believes cushing treatment meds compromised my adrenals. I was reluctant to begin the hydrocortisone however after reading about your experience I began hydrocortisone as prescribed at 10mg @8am then 5mg @2pm but transitioning to 5mg @ 2-3 hr. It's overwhelming to begin a trial & error process after my cushing battle. It's a tough, emotional road right now.

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