Monday, June 22, 2015

Adrenal Medication and Menopause

I was asked if I needed more cortisone to deal with the stress and changes of menopause. I did need more sometimes.

A woman asked me if the small amount of extra cortisone she was now taking because of menopause could cause her to put on weight and have trouble losing it. Yes! Even a small amount of cortisone can increase your weight, especially during menopause. Cortisone causes insulin resistance (it counters insulin to maintain stable blood sugar). Menopause causes your metabolism to slow. When you combine more cortisone with the lower metabolism of menopause, it is hard not to gain weight.

She also asked whether a little extra cortisone, taken along with her normal florineff, could increase her blood pressure. Cortisone and florineff are replacement hormones for the two major adrenal hormones. They do affect each other. I have experienced this interaction many times.

I suggested that it is particularly helpful during menopause to keep records of your blood pressure and your blood sugar. These records will allow your doctor to better monitor your adrenal medications, so you can feel your best. During menopause you may need to adjust your medications several times.

I felt a lot better when menopause was over! It will eventually end.