Friday, August 7, 2015

How I Cut Stress in my Life

I have been working at cutting stress for years. Enabling your adrenal glands to heal (if they are just stressed and not damaged) is a matter of figuring out what stresses you and cutting them out.  

First, I tried to avoid everything I was allergic to.

I didn't eat foods I was allergic to.
I rotated my foods carefully.
I ate a balanced Diabetic diet.
I only ate organic foods and drank filtered water.
I diligently took my allergy medicine and avoided things I was allergic to. 
I avoided perfumes and chemicals.

I didn't go into any public buildings or homes.
I only wore natural fabrics.
I got most of the plastics and partial board out of my home (that was hard!).
I got a bamboo keyboard and mouse. 
I got rid of carpets (there was solid oak under the old carpet).
I didn't buy new stuffed furniture or carpet (chemicals, dusts, molds).
I have few dust catchers.
I have a cotton mattress and pillows. 
New appliances were aired out in the garage for months or even years.
I put our books in the family room loft over the garage and read online.
We didn't paint in the house.
We only cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide (mild but kills germs) and soap and water.
We use a environmentally friendly soap and detergents.
I tried to avoid electromagnetic fields.  
I did not fill the gas tank in our car.
I tried to provide good back support for my neck injury.
I tried to get enough rest and relaxation each day. 

In short, I tried to do everything I could think of to cut the stress in my life. It all helped, but I was still just limping along. Then a year ago last November, we took the moldy particle board and wood out of our old basement (it was hidden behind paneling). I suddenly felt much better and was able to cut my dose of hydrocortisone from 60 mg a day to 30mg a day (slowly, over several weeks). I was encouraged, but I still was not feeling very well. As each thing happened, I was becoming more convinced that taking stresses off my body really was helping. 

Finally, several destructive relationships ended, and I felt like a boulder was taken off my shoulders. Actually, a huge weight of stress had been removed. I started to experience signs of hydrocortisone overdose (high blood sugar), so I began cutting down my dose under my doctor's guidance (remember suddenly dropping cortisone can cause- Death!). 

Though I ended up with all sorts of food, pollen, and chemical sensitivities (which are now improving), I believe that the core stress for me was the negative relationships that I had allowed to continue. I had lost control of my life and started to self destruct (too much stress). I thought I was tough and could take it. I understood that they had problems and I wanted to help them. I felt a responsibility to help everyone. Of course it was too much for me. What can I say. I was a real dope, but I have learned. I now set mature boundaries. I love people, but I do not let them control my life. I don't neglect my needs and responsibly care for myself. I now accept that I have limits. I don't take on more than I can handle and ask for help if I need it. I feel gratitude for good friends, an ever loving husband, and my Father in Heaven who has helped me make it through these rough times and heal. 

I have given up trying to be supermom, super teacher, super homemaker, and super volunteer (all at the same time, of course!).  I've decided that just being me is all I want to be. I hope you learn from my experiences and heal your soul. 

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