Monday, July 25, 2016

How do you deal with being completely dependent on medication to live?

A woman shared this, " the greatest challenge has not been in physically, but in mentally accepting the realization that I am dependent on a medication, without which I would die. I have a strong faith and spiritual support system, but would still welcome any comfort or wisdom you might have to share regarding the panic and negative thoughts that can feel overwhelming at times."

I agree that it is hard to accept that you will die if you don't have your cortisone. At times, I was afraid. Faith and prayer help to keep me going and comfort me when I felt I was being overcome by fear.

Here are a few things I did to help me cope:

  • Remember that many negative feelings are not real - they are just the result of the hormonal imbalances within your body 
  • Note if you are having more negative feelings because it may mean you need more medication 
  • Divert your attention to positive things (I avoided negative news stories, movies, people, and books,and sought out the bright, positive, and spiritually uplifting and warm supportive people - scriptures were a great comfort when life became too scary) 
  • I kept emergency doses of medicine in my purse and care 
  • I kept at least a month's supply of medication on hand 
  • I made sure that my husband and anyone who I would be working with knew my condition and what to do if I became dopey and confused 
  • I kept a medical warning card and directions on what to do in my purse 
  • I wore a medic alert when traveling with instructions on the back 
  • I always kept salt in my purse (an emergency treatment) 
  • I always kept water with me to avoid the dehydration that can occur with Addison's 
  • I tried to eliminate all the stress I could in my life (I had enough to deal with my health!) 
  • I tried to focus on helping others instead of my health. A lot of the time all I could do was send an encouraging email to someone, but it helped both them and me. 
  • I tried to not worry and to put my trust in the Lord that He would care for me. This really helped.

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