Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm back!

I'm sorry that I haven't responded to everyone's post the last few months some very exciting things have been happening in my life.

Last summer I told you about my adrenal glands healing and of being able to completely go off of Hydrocortisone. As fall progressed, I became more and more tired. In February, we have what is called inversion. I call it smog! I was having a lot of trouble breathing and was so exhausted that I could barely more. The doctors had tried all they knew, and I was still ill. I prayed and felt impressed to go to an area a few hours south of our home.  Immediately I started feeling better.

We bought a home there, leaving the area we have lived in for 40 years. It has been a major change and a good one. I haven't felt so well in years! It turns out that I have chronic bronchitis and a heart murmur which were causing major stress on my body as I struggled to get the oxygen I needed. This stress, combined with other stresses caused my adrenal glands to fail 14 years ago. Now that I am at a lower altitude with clean, dry air, I am getting enough oxygen and am feeling good.

Don't give up! Keep looking for the things which are causing stress in your life and try to eliminate them.

I am so grateful for the Lord's help in discovering this major stress in my life. I will be responding to your questions as soon as I can.

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