Saturday, December 24, 2016

Can Low Adrenal Cause Muscle and Joint Pain?

A woman wrote in and said that her 30 year old daughter who has Addison's Disease is having severe joint pain. She asks, "Are there any rare Autoimmune Diseases that causes joint pain?" There might be. You might want to ask your doctor. I am just a person who has had her adrenal glands fail, and I know that low adrenal function can cause a LOT of join pain. I felt like crying. It hurt so bad. I could barely move, stand up, or even bend my fingers. It was miserable! This happened when I was experiencing severe low adrenal symptoms. I usually had to have complete rest, make sure I had good nutrition (no chemicals in my food or water), and "veg" (watch comedy videos, watch the birds, i.e. very low stress). It also meant that I was excessively stressed and needed to temporarily increase my hydrocortisone medication (only do under your doctor's instruction by a small amount such as 5mg  a day). The extra cortisone helped to lessen the inflammation and thus cut down on the pain.  After a few weeks I would feel better.

The symptoms of low Adrenal function are many. Exhaustion affects all parts of your body. Here are some of the affects of low adrenal function.
(In the list of symptoms, look under "Muscle")

joint and muscle pain and aches caused by inflammation
Instability of joints leading to pain - low back pain, knee pain, feet and ankles, calves

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