Monday, June 5, 2017

What should I Do If I have been Diagnosed with Addison's Disease?

Many people who have just been diagnosed with Addison's Disease, or someone they love has been diagnosed with it, ask me what should they do? Can I give them some tips?

I think the most important thing is to take charge of your own health. Study about how your adrenal glands work and what they should do. Read about adrenal exhaustion and Addison's disease. (check out my articles)

Next, I would find a doctor who knows about Addison's Disease. These are usually endocrinologists. Find a doctor who you feel comfortable with and who you can ask questions and share your observations about your health.

Have the tests done so that you know what your adrenal level is in your body. There are blood tests and saliva tests which tell your cortisone level.

Work carefully with your doctor to to determine the correct dosage of Hydrocortisone  and Fludrocort. Remember that your dose may changes depending upon the amount of stress you are under.

Eat a good diet. Drink plenty of pure water. 

Get as much exercise as possible, but do not become over-tired. You should always be able to carry on a conversation while moving. Start where you are and don't push yourself.

Get lots of rest and relaxation. Get plenty of sleep at night and nap as needed.

Cut out all stressors possible. Simply your life.

Fill your life with positive people and eliminate all all negative relationships and activities. Have some fun!

The biggest help for me has been to pray. The Lord has given me a great deal of inspiration, comfort, and healing.

Remember that it has taken you a long time to get to the point where you Adrenal gland do not work. It will take a long time for you to heal, if that is possible for you. It will take a long time to get your medication right and learn how to live with Addison's disease. Be patient and kind to yourself.

My prayers and heart are with you. Do not give up.

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